International Laborers 2010 Camp Allen Texas


An example of what we enjoyed at the Music Festival is here:
I want to thank some of the "China's Labourers" (smile), the 4 winners are:
"Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it", by Yang Fen,
"As a man sows, so he shall reap", by Ting Ting,
"Water is always the same, but every moment of it is new", Jun Long,
"How can you go through a sea of blue and forget it?", by Shiela Radke.
Some "others" that have passed through this page are:
Sookhee Lee, Po Leung, Church Huang, Ying Wu Sijie, Jia Zhang Zhangyan, Guan Chen, Jia Chen Rong, Qiu Jian Xun, Xu Jun Lai Jingwen Yin, Wai Chun Wai Chun, Cai Shunjuan Caishun, Xuan Xiang, Yu-Long, Xu Jiting, Chen Yan, Qiue Qiue, Jun Long, Li Zhewei, Wan-Qi Chen, Zhi Yi, Sadera-Chun, Pei Rong, Guan Zhong, Jiang Jiang, Wen Ting Xinhao, etc., etc.
To all of them I say:
"Chinese labourers, now is the time to work hard for your Lord Jesus Christ that Saved you! Jesus is the announced one mentioned in your 'Shen Yun' prophecies, he is the future 'Emperor' descending from heaven with his heavenly beings (we the born-again ones, and his angels)!"